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How to Order Replacement Labels for Self-Built Systems with Intel® Boxed Processor or Laptops


Requirements to get Intel on device logo label


Need to request a new Intel® Processor label


You can request the Intel® logo label for a self-built system with the Intel® Boxed Processor or for your laptop. You will need a proof of ownership and a completed form to be submitted.

For individuals/consumers, the following is required when requesting a replacement:

  1. Provide proof of ownership (invoice, receipt, or packing slip) of a system with an Intel® Processor.
    • By providing Intel proof of purchase, you agree that Intel may contact the issuer for validation.
  2. Complete and submit the Intel® Processor Label Replacement Request Form.
NoteThe Intel® Processor should be an active product and not discontinued to be qualified to order a replacement, so check End of Interactive Support (EOIS) Processors.
Additional information

The label is provided inside each Intel® Boxed Processor at the time of purchase. The "peel-off and apply" label adheres to the backside of the warranty booklet.

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