Power Adapter and Power Cord Specifications for Intel® NUC Element Products


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Intel uses multiple vendors for the AC power adapters included in the Intel® NUC box. These include LiteOn*, Asian Power Devices (APD)*, and Huntkey*.

This table describes the voltage, watt, and current requirements for power adapters that are compatible with Intel NUC Element products.

Product  Adapter voltage (V), watts (W) and Current (A) Plug Type
Used on Intel® NUC Laptop Element models
Intel® NUC P14E Laptop Element 20V 65W 3.25A Type C CMCN1CC

The tables below describe the AC power cords that are included in the box with Intel® NUC products. Each Intel NUC model includes either a region-specific AC cord or no AC cord (only the power adapter).

Note If your Intel NUC model is not listed below, it doesn't include a separate power cord in the box. The power adapter is a wall-wart style adapter and includes region-specific plug adapters.


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Intel® NUC P14E Laptop Element CMCN1CC
Product codes Power cord type
US power cord included 
EU power cord included
BKCMCN1CC1DK3  UK power cord included
BKCMCN1CC1DU4  AU power cord included 
BKCMCN1CC1DJ9  JP power cord included 
BKCMCN1CC1DU6  CN power cord included