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How to Identify the Country of Origin (COO) of Intel® Solid State Drives


Information about the Country of Origin (COO) and the available options to identify the COO of the Intel® SSDs


Unable to find where my Intel® SSD was manufactured.


The Country of Origin (COO) is the country of manufacture, production, or growth—where an article or product comes from.  The country of origin may be changed to a secondary country if further manufacturing or material is added to the article which constitutes a substantial transformation.

Substantial transformation occurs if a new article with a different name, character and use is created. Incidental manufacturing or the mere packing of the article(s) into retail packaging in a particular country may not establish the COO for the article(s).

The COO of Intel® SSDs is generally the country where the assembly of the SSD occurs.

The COO of a product purchased can be determined in multiple ways:

  • Option 1: From the label on the box, or on the drive label.
  • Option 2: The Intel commercial invoice showing the COO.
  • Option 3: A request with the details below can be sent to for more information:
    • Detailed request
    • Intel product-identifying information: Name/Model/Part Number
    • Country where the requestor is located
    • Country where the product was or will be imported if different from above
    • Approximate date of purchase