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How to Find Intel® Partner Alliance Account Information


Steps to view your Account Number, Partner Role, and Membership Tier


Unable to find Intel® Partner Alliance Account Number, Partner Role, or Membership Tier


Follow these steps to find your Account Number (Business ID) and Partner Role:

  1. Log in to the Intel® Partner Alliance website.
  2. From the home page, click Company profile.

    Click company profile

  3. On the Company Profile page, you will find the Partner Role under Contact Information, and the Account Number under Partner Information.
    NoteYour Account Number is required when contacting Intel Customer Support via phone. The Account Number is your pin code to access priority support.

    Partner role and account number

Follow these steps to find your Membership Tier:

  1. Log in to the Intel® Partner Alliance website.
  2. Click Manage Benefits

    Manage benefits

  3. On the Benefits page, your Membership Tier is listed at the top of the page, as well as down in the Support section.

    Membership tier

  4. If your Membership tier is not showing on the Manage Benefits page, click My Profile Link (can be seen at the upper-right corner of the site).

  5. A webpage titled Profile, Programs, and Settings will appear. Scroll down the page and your account level can also be viewed on the lower part of the portal.