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How To Optimize the Wireless Network Performance When Using Intel® Wireless Adapters


Windows® 10 family


Recommendations to improve the network performance


When using the wireless in the computer, the internet speed is too slow.


The network functioning will depend on your overall network configuration, you can follow these recommendations to improve the performance:

  • Confirm you are using the latest wireless drivers for your specific system. You can visit your system manufacturer website (recommended) or use the Intel generic drivers available in our download center.
  • Use the recommended settings for your wireless adapter. You can also visit Recommended Settings for 802.11ac Connectivity and Recommended Settings for 802.11ax Connectivity.
  • Test the different bands available (2.GHz, 5GHz)
  • Verify that your whole system configuration is compatible and supported (If you are using an AC router with an AX card you may not be able to achieve all the features available for AX connectivity). 
  • Check with your router/modem manufacturer for firmware updates.
  • Contact the service provider for more recommendations to improve the internet speed.

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