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How to Connect 16 SATA Drives to Your RAID Controller RS3DC080?


Steps to connect 16 SATA drives to a RAID controller RS3DC080.


Unable to connect the Intel® RAID Controller RS3DC080 to 16 SATA drives using the Intel® RAID Expander RES3TV360 on the Intel Server Board S2600WF Families.

  1. Refer to the Intel® Server Board 2600WF Configuration Guide (Chapter 4.7 2U 2.5-inch Front Mount Drive Bay Cable Guide) and consider the following for supported configurations and which riser slots to use that best meet your need:
  2. Slot availability:
    • RAID or non-RAID
    • Bootability (only RAID volumes that consist of drives connected to a single Intel® Volume Management Device (Intel® VMD) controller are bootable)
    • Performance
  3. Use the Internal mini-SAS HD to mini-SAS HS (SFF-8643 to SFF-8643) cable to connect to an internal backplane or enclosure.
  4. The Intel® RAID Expander RES3TV360 kit includes this cable to connect the expander to the backplane.
  5. Use the Intel® RAID Controller RS3DC080 SFF-8643 mini-SAS HD-4i internal ports to connect the Intel® RAID Expander RES3TV360 and being able to connect a second backplane to expand the number of drives to 16.