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How to Redeem Points in Intel® Partner Alliance


Explains who is eligible to redeem, and steps to use points.

  • How do I redeem my Points?
  • How do I choose rewards earned in the Points Program.
  • I'm a Member-tier partner. Can I redeem my accrued Points?
  • I'm an Employee only. Why did I encounter the error message I do not have the permission required to redeem our points to complete redemption?

The Points reward program is available to all Intel® Partner Alliance accounts.

To redeem Points, a user must be active in the Partner Alliance program and have the role of Partner Admin or Partner Admin Delegate. And for employees only, they should have the Points Redeem entitlement.

If you are not a Partner Admin or Delegate and wish to redeem points on behalf of your company, you will need to speak with your Partner Admin. They can grant you the Partner Admin Delegate role to unlock points redemption.

Steps to redeem points in Intel® Partner Alliance:

  1. Log in to the Intel® Partner Alliance site.
  2. Click Manage Benefits.

    example image

  3. Manage Benefits page: Under Points and Rewards, click Redeem Points.

    example image


    If you do not see the Redeem Points link, click View Account.

    example image

    On the Points Account page, click the Points drop-down menu and select Redeem Points.
    example image

  4. Choose a reward from the available vendors.

    example image

  5. You can sort the rewards available by Category and other filters.

    example image

  6. Choose a reward, enter the quantity, and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  7. Choose Go to Checkout to finish the order, or Continue Shopping.


  • If ordering a reward sent electronically/digitally, provide your email address in the Rewards Recipient field.
  • If ordering a reward delivered my mail or courier, provide your physical address.

For additional information, refer to Intel® Partner Alliance User Guide: How to Redeem Points

Additional information

You can review the Benefits and Requirements to upgrade for each membership tier in the About Membership site.