Processor Support for Intel® Server Board D50TNP1SB


Install & Setup



The Intel® Server Board D50TNP1SB includes two Socket-P4 LGA4189 processor sockets compatible with the 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor family.

This article provides information on processor heat sinks, thermal design power (TDP), and population rules, including a processor family overview.

Note Previous-generation Intel® Xeon® Processors and Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor families and their supported processor heat sinks are not compatible with server boards described in this document.

Processor Heat Sink Module (PHM) assembly and Processor Socket assembly

This generation of server system requires that the processor be pre-assembled to the heat sink before installation onto the server board.

The processor heat sink assembly is commonly referred to as the Processor Heat Sink Module or PHM. The assembly is installed onto the processor socket assembly (referred to as the loading mechanism) on the server board.

Note The following figure identifies the Processor Heat Sink Module (PHM) components, not the processor installation process.

PHM Components and Processor Socket Reference Diagram


Note For detailed processor assembly and installation instructions, see the Integration and Service Guide for Intel® Server D50TNP Product Family.

Processor Heat Sink (Air Cooled)

Intel® Server D50TNP family supports 1U height heat sinks and 2U height heat sinks as shown in the following figures. The Compute Module uses 1U height heat sinks. Even though the Storage Module is a 2U height module, it uses the 1U height heat sinks. The Management Module and Accelerator Module use 2U height heat sinks.

As the following figures show, there are two types of 2U heat sinks and three types of 1U heat sinks:

  • Front heat sink
  • Back heat sink
  • Enhanced Volume Air Cooling (EVAC) heat sink (front position only)

The front heat sink type is used for CPU 0 and the back heat sink type is used for CPU 1. The exploded views in the figures show the difference. The back heat sink types have more heat venting fins.

Note Heat sinks are not interchangeable. The descriptions above must be followed.

1U Supported Regular Processor Heat Sinks


The EVAC heat sink is only used in the front for CPU 0. The Compute Module supporting the EVAC heat sink uses the standard back heat sink for CPU 1.

1U Supported EVAC Processor Heat Sinks


2U Supported Processor Heat Sinks

The following figure shows a module with 1U front and back heat sinks installed. Only 1U standard front heat sink and 1U back heat sink are shown. However, the concept applies to modules using 1U EVAC front heat sink and 1U back heat sink or 2U front heat sink and 2U back heat sink.

1U Heat Sinks Installed in Module


Processor Thermal Design Power (TDP) support

To allow optimal operation and long-term reliability of Intel® Server System D50TNP-based systems, the processor must remain within the defined minimum and maximum case temperature (TCASE) specifications.

When installed in an Intel® D50TNP module, the Intel® Server Board D50TNP family supports a maximum processor TDP up to and including 270 W. Depending on the system module and configuration, the Intel® Server System D50TNP may support a TDP up to and including 270 W. For details, see Appendix E of Technical Product Specification for the Intel® Server D50TNP Product Family.

Processor family overview

The Intel® Server Board D50TNP family supports the 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor family. Processor shelves within the product family are identified as shown in the following figure.

3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor Identification

Note Supported 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor SKUs must not end in (H), (L), or (U). All other processor SKUs are supported.
Feature Platinum 8300 Processors Gold 6300 Processors Gold 5300 Processors Silver 4300 Processor
# of Intel® Ultra Path Interconnect (Intel® UPI) Links 3 3 3 2
Intel® UPI Speed 11.2 GT/s 11.2 GT/s 11.2 GT/s 10.4 GT/s
Supported Topologies 2S-2UPI
Node Controller Support No No No No
Processor RAS Capability Advanced Advanced Advanced Standard
# of DDR4 Integrated Memory Controllers (IMC) 4 4 4 4
# DDR4 Channels 8 8 8 8
Intel® Turbo Boost Technology Yes Yes Yes Yes
Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel® HT Technology) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512) ISA Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Intel® AVX-512 - # of 512b FMA Units 2 2 2.0 2
# of PCIe* Lanes 64 64 64 64
Intel® Volume Management Device (Intel® VMD) 2.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes

Feature may vary between processor SKUs.

Refer to 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor specification sheets and product briefs for additional information.