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Why Did My Wireless Driver Version Not Change after Updating Drivers?


Reason the wireless driver version may not change after the driver package update


Sometimes the driver version may not change in Device Manager when you install the new driver package for your Intel Wireless adapter, either by installing an Intel generic Wireless driver package or the Intel® Killer™ Performance Suite if you have Intel Killer Wireless or Ethernet adapters installed on your system.


The reason is that the software packages include multiple drivers for a number of devices. When a package is updated with any new software or drivers, the version of the package will change, along with the driver version of the updated product, but the driver version of other drivers not updated in the package in this release will remain the same.

Refer to the Release Notes provided with the Software/Driver package on the Download Center to see the driver versions for your products and the changes/fixes implemented in this package update.

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