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Bandwidth Test Error in Intel® Killer™ Control Center


How to fix errors with the built-in bandwidth test in the Intel® Killer Control Center.


Users may notice errors with the built-in bandwidth test in Intel® Killer Control Center, which may be caused by several factors.

  • The error with the bandwidth test in Intel® Killer Control Center can be caused by an outdated version of the Control Center. Try performing a Clean Installation of Killer Control Center.
  • Sometimes the nearest server to you may be down, resulting in an error. This issue will usually clear itself quickly as either the server will come back up, or the service will reroute the request. In the meantime, you can use a service such as Speedtest to test your speed, then input the upload and download values manually. There is no disadvantage to setting your speeds this way.
  • If you have an antivirus or firewall application, it may be blocking the speed test applet with an outgoing blocking rule. You may need to add an outgoing exception for the applet speedtest.exe in your antivirus or firewall application. You can find speedtest.exe in C:\Program Files\Killer Networking\Killer Control Center if you installed the Intel Killer Control Center in the default location.
  • If none of the above recommendations helps to fix the error with the bandwidth test in Killer Control Center, contact support.

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