Issues When Updating or Installing Intel® Killer™ Performance Suite





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The Intel® Killer Performance Suite cannot automatically update

If the installer cannot automatically update, you might see an error, such as, but not limited to, this one:
example image

In this case, uninstall the previous versions manually. First, however, you will want to download the latest installer and have it handy.

    Once you have the installer ready to go, right-click Start, click Apps and Features, then find every entry that has Killer in it, including Killer Drivers and/or Killer Performance Suite, or any variation, as well as the Killer Network Manager, and uninstall them. After they have uninstalled, restart your machine, then install the latest suite. 

    If this doesn’t solve the issue, move to the next section.

    The latest package still cannot install after the previous package was removed

    The Installer may have encountered an error from which it cannot recover. You can get an error (such as The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable… or some other error) or the installer may fail with no error given other than it could not complete.

    In this case try following the step-by-step guide on how to find and use Microsoft’s tool for fixing problems that block programs from being installed or removed. Make sure you choose Uninstalling even if you are trying to ultimately install the latest suite, as the problem is that you need to remove the remaining parts of the old software, even if they do not appear in your Apps and Features menu.

    Error 1923 Verify That You Have Sufficient Privileges and Error 1939

    If you see Error 1923 Verify That You Have Sufficient Privileges or Error 1939, refer to Error 1923 Verify That You Have Sufficient Privileges and Error 1939, a related article.

    After following the instructions above, the issue still persists

    If you still have issues with the Intel Killer Performance Suite's installer or uninstalling older versions of the suites, use the Contact support  link in the blue banner below. If the installer is failing, run the installer one more time, and include the log generated in your temp folder. You can access your temp folder by pressing Windows Key + R, typing %TEMP% and clicking OK.

    example image

    From there, sort by Date modified, and attach the most recent MSI***.LOG to your support request. It should be dated at the time you last ran the installer.

    example image

    You can reach support by clicking on the button below. Include information on any troubleshooting that you have already done.


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