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How to Provision Intel® EMA via WIFI?


Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA)

Windows® 10 family


Guide/steps to complete the provision via WIFI.


Problems to complete the provision of the system using the WIFI connection.


Provisioning over WLAN requires physical touch to each system to insert the PKI DNS Suffix value into the AMT MEBx.  This is comparable to ensuring the LAN network DNS Suffix matches the provisioning certificate.  When the PKI DNS Suffix value in the MEBx matches the certificate, the network DNS Suffix is ignored. This method works for both AMT LAN (with ethernet port) and LANless (wireless-only) systems.

  1. Log into MEBx (default password = admin)
    1. For accessing MEBx, please refer to OEM guidance.
    2. If first time logging in, the password change is required
  2. Intel® AMT Configuration -> Remote Setup and Configuration -> TLS PKI -> PKI DNS Suffix
    1. If PKI DNS Suffix menu is not available, then AMT is currently configured
    2. Go back to Intel® AMT Configuration -> Unconfigure Network Access -> Full Unprovision
  3. Enter the value for PKI DNS Suffix to match the provisioning certificate
    1. For example, (without quotes)
  4. Exit and Save
  5. Provision client as normal following the installation guide (Intel® EMA Administration and Usage Guide version 1.4.0 section 1.2.7).

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