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Which Platforms Support Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) SGX2?


Processors and systems that support (Intel® SGX) SGX2 and how to determine if a processor supports (Intel® SGX) SGX2.


There is no single list of processors or systems that support (Intel® SGX) SGX2.

NoteJust because an Intel® SGX feature is supported in the processor does not mean that is enabled in the BIOS. You must confirm with the system manufacturer if the Intel® SGX feature you are interested in is supported in the BIOS.

Processors that support (Intel® SGX) SGX2:

Note: Customer may need to access to review processor features and specifications.

These two Intel® NUC Kits, which were enabled for Intel® SGX development, support (Intel® SGX) SGX2:

There are two options to determine if your system's processor supports (Intel® SGX) SGX2:

Option 1
On a Linux* system, execute cpuid in a terminal:

  1. Open a terminal and run: $ cpuid | grep -i sgx
  2. Look for output: SGX2 supported = True

Option 2
Use test_sgx.c:

  1. Go to the SGX Hardware Github* and download the file test_sgx.c or clone the repository
  2. Compile and run test_sgx.c according to these instructions:

    $ gcc test-sgx.c -o test-sgx
    $ ./test-sgx

  3. Look for output: sgx 2 supported: 1
Additional information

Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) SGX2 is a set of instructions that enable Enclave Dynamic Memory Management.