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How Do I Use Intel® RAID Web Console 3 (RWC3) to Manage Intel® RAID Controllers Installed on an ESXi* System?


Steps to install Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) provider on ESXi* and use Intel® RWC3 on Windows* or Linux* guest operating system to manage Intel® RAID Controllers on ESXi systems.


Unable to manage and monitor Intel® RAID Controllers on VMware ESXi* Systems using Intel® RAID Web Console 3 (RWC3).


You cannot install Intel® RAID Web Console 3 (RWC3) directly on ESXi*. Instead, you can follow the steps below to install the SMI-S provider on ESXi. Then use RWC3 installed on a Windows* or Linux* guest operating system (OS) to manage and monitor your supported Intel® RAID Controllers on ESXi systems.

  • To install the SMI-S provider:
    1. Download the SMI-S provider package from Broadcom.
    2. Extract and find the provider package for the version of ESXi you are using under the SMISProvide->VMWARE folder.
    3. Upload the *.vib file to ESXi.
    4. Run the esxcli command to load the vibfile: esxcli software vib install -v <complete vib file path> --force:
      example image
    5. Reboot the system.
  • Run the following command after every reboot to disable the firewall, as it is enabled on every reboot:
    • esxcli network firewall unload
  • To do remote managing from RWC3 on a Windows/Linux guest OS:
    1. Download and install RWC3 in Gateway mode on the Windows/Linux guest OS.
    2. Launch RWC3.
    3. Click Manual Discover from the Actions menu on the right.
    4. Enter the IP or hostname of the ESXi and mark the checkbox for VMware.
    5. Click Search, and then add the ESXi server found.
      example image
    6. Log in to the ESXi server found above using your ESXi credentials.
Additional information

Intel® RAID Web Console 3VMware ESXi*Hardware Intel® RAID/Storage Controllers or Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology 2 (ESRT2).

NoteIntel® RAID Web Console 3 (RWC3) doesn't support Intel® Virtual RAID on CPU (Intel® VROC) and Intel® Rapid Storage Technology enterprise (Intel® RSTe).