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Intel supports customers in gathering collateral which can aide in EU Lot 9 declaration for their final server systems.

EU Lot 9 is the common term referring to the European Union (EU) Commission regulation 2019/424. It is a new set of requirements for material efficiency for the European Union that deal with enterprise-level servers. It lays out strict requirements for power efficiency and product life cycle. This affects all enterprise-level servers sold into EU countries after March 1, 2020.

The manufacturer of record must declare EU Lot 9 compliance on their Declaration of Conformity for CE marking. This is the final manufacturer of the enterprise-level server.

The following table provides links to component information which may be of help to customers in EU Lot 9 declarations.

Intel Component Firmware Updates Security Updates Data Deletion Instructions Disassembly Instructions
Data Storage Components (SSDs) & Persistent Memory Downloads for Memory and Storage Intel® Security Center Intel Software Tools N/A
CPUs Downloads for Processors N/A N/A N/A
Network Communication & I/O Cards Downloads for Ethernet Products Intel® Security Center N/A N/A
Motherboards for Server Products See notes below Intel® Security Center N/A N/A
Batteries & HDD No material declarations for Cobalt or Neodymium available as these materials are not used in the manufacture of Intel products.

Specific information about server products, such as disassembly instructions and energy efficiency performance are available upon request from your Intel representative.

Sever product information can be found in the following types of documents:

These documents are published by the product team and are available to registered customers.

CPU SERT Rating information can be found on the following website: