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Error Message: "Email Verification has expired" when trying to verify email address for Intel® Partner Alliance


Steps to re-verify the registered email address to log in to Intel® Partner Alliance

  • Unable to log in and routed to a blank page with URL stating that Email has expired.
  • Encountered error: Email Verification has expired.
  • Encountered error: This email address is already associated with an Intel account. Please click Sign In to continue.
  • Email verification link is no longer valid.
  • Email verification link is not working.
  • Email verification link exceeded 5 days after it was sent to Partner.

​​​​​Steps to receive new email verification in :

  1. Go to Intel Partner Alliance website and click Join now.
  2. Populate the work email field. A warning message stating "This email address is already associated with an Intel account. Please click Sign In to continue" will appear.
  3. Click Sign In then click Forgot your Intel password? to try resetting password.
  4. Enter your work email address as username then click Submit button.
  5. An email verification will be sent to the email address provided. Allow 5-10 minutes for the email to arrive.
  6. Once email address is verified and password has been set, try to log in again.

Email verification for Intel® Partner Alliance registration expires in 5 days. Make sure to check spam folders, junk folder and firewall settings in case Intel emails are blocked.

If further assistance is needed, contact Intel Customer Support to request resending the email verification. Provide the email address used for Intel® Partner Alliance registration.

Additional information
  • Email verification links no longer work after 5 days. They needs to be utilized before they expire. If it is not yet over 5 days, this can be a technical website issue that needs troubleshooting, such as clearing cache and cookies, using a different browser (Edge*, Firefox*, and Chrome*) or using Incognito*/Private Windows*.
  • Email address is recognized when it already has a record in the system with a a pending application or an existing account.