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What Is the Meaning of "Drive Health" and "Estimated Life Remaining" in the Intel® Memory and Storage Tool?


How these values are calculated by Intel® Memory and Storage Tool (Intel® IMAS)


Unable to validate how the "Drive Health" and "Estimated Life Remaining" values are calculated or how they work.


Drive Health: This is based on the current value of the SMART attributes of the SSD and may report a different status depending on the attributes.

  • Good (Green): All SMART attributes are currently above their threshold levels.
  • Warning (Orange): One or more SMART attributes have moved beyond the threshold and have reached the final value. It is recommended to back up the information and to consider replacing the drive.
  • Critical (Red): A SMART critical warning has been triggered or the drive has encountered a critical error related to SSD degradation. It is strongly recommended to back up the data and consider replacing the SSD.

Estimated Life Remaining: Endurance calculations are estimated and may vary. The estimate shown is based on the applied workload and is not accurate if the workload changes. Estimates are based on the usage to date and will not extend to reduce the SSD warranty period. Estimated Life Remaining is reported for Intel SSDs only with SMART enabled or with a SMART health log available.