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The Intel® Graphics Command Center (Intel® GCC) Capture feature allows you to record your screen and save the recording locally or stream it online. This feature was introduced in Intel® GCC version 1.100.3282.0.
Minimum system requirements:
  • 8th Generation Intel® processor or newer.
  • Windows® 10 version 1809 or newer, 64-bit.
  • Intel Graphics Command Center version 1.100.3282.0 or newer.
  • The most recent Declarative Componentized Hardware (DCH) graphics driver from the Intel Download Center.
Start recording with one of the following two methods below.
Method 1: Capture tab
  1. Open the Intel GCC application.
  2. Click Home > Capture.
  3. Click Start Recording.
  4. Click End Recording.
Method 2: Hotkeys
  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+F5 (default) to start recording.
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+F7 (default) to end recording.
Hotkeys must be enabled under System.
Video recordings are saved to C:\Users\[USERID]\Videos (default), or the location shown at File Location. [USERID] is the Windows user account name.
Configuring a Capture Profile (in Home > Capture)
  • The Default profile cannot be changed. To create a profile, click the large Custom button.
  • Configure your recording profile to your preference. Settings explained below.
  • To rename or duplicate your profile, click [ · · · ] and Rename or Duplicate.
  • Resolution changes the dimensions of the video recorded.
    • Supported resolutions: 720p (HD), 1080p (FHD), 1440p (QHD, 2K), and 2160p (UHD, 4K).
  • Stream to Location determines where your recording is saved to or streamed to.
    • To change the local file destination, click Browse and locate your desired folder. Click Select Folder.
    • To stream online, from the dropdown select Stream and input the Streaming URL (you will get it from your streaming website, like YouTube or Twitch, after setting up a stream there).
  • File Format determines the video encoding format. The standard .mp4 format is supported.
Advanced Settings
  • Show Cursor shows or hides your mouse cursor in your recordings.
  • Frame Rate determines how many frames are captured per second.
    • 30fps and 60fps are supported for 1080p and below; 30fps for 1440p and above.
  • Video Bitrate is the amount of data per second allocated to video. Higher bitrate will improve video quality but take up more storage space. Higher resolution and frame rate demand higher bitrate. Do not worry about this field unless you want to improve quality or storage space.
  • Audio Capture determines whether your computer audio is recorded. This feature will record sounds from games, videos, and voice calls when enabled.
    • Audio Bitrate is data per second allocated to audio. Bitrates above 128 Kbps are rarely needed.
The Capture feature cannot record audio from your own microphone yet.
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