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Intel® Dynamic Tuning Technology (Intel® DTT) is part of Intel Adaptix (TM) Technology.  

DTT is system software drivers configured by the system manufacturer (also known as OEM) to dynamically optimize the system for performance, battery life, and thermals.

DTT contains advanced AI and ML-based algorithms to enable these optimizations for performance, thermals, and battery life. OEMs configure the software specifically for their systems. DTT is not intended to be an end-user based software since altering the system manufacturer settings may result in risk to system operation.

Below are some of the technologies contained in DTT. OEMs decide what features of DTT they will use and how DTT is configured.

DTT technologies:

  • Intel Power Share technology automatically and dynamically allocates power between an Intel® processor and an Intel® Discrete Graphics Card to optimize performance and improve battery life.
  • Thermal Management: Monitors power and temperature and manages SOC and system devices to maintain the system within OEM defined thermal constraints and specifications.
  • Adaptive Performance: Allows the OEM to configure the system to reconfigure the DTT settings based on system events such as AC or battery modes, clamshell or laptop usage, OEM performance modes, etc.

Intel® DTT provides benefits such as:

  • Improved CPU and GPU performance within power and thermal system constraints
  • Improved CPU and discrete GPU power sharing to improve performance by shifting the power budget to the CPU or GPU while maintaining the system thermal and power budgets.
  • Intelligent mixed workload power balancing
  • Monitor and manage overall system thermals to maintain component and system specifications.
  • Allow intelligent dynamic changes in thermals and performance policies as a function of system configuration and usage.

Is Intel® DTT supported on my system?

Intel® DTT is supported on systems with:

  • 11th Generation Intel® Processors and newer
  • Intel® Iris Xe MAX Graphics or Intel® Arc Graphics

How do I enable Intel® DTT?

Intel® DTT is automatically enabled if the system contains a supported configuration listed above.

Note Computer manufacturers can customize how Intel® DTT works in their driver software. If you are experiencing issues with Intel® DTT, we recommend that you first check with your computer manufacturer and use the driver software provided by them.
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