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What are DCH drivers?

Windows DCH Drivers are driver packages that will install and run on Universal Windows Platform (UWP) based editions of Windows® 10 and Windows 11*.

How does this affect my PC with Intel® Graphics?Following Microsoft requirements, the Intel® Graphics Command Center is not included with the graphics driver.
  • Once the graphics driver installer completes its installation, the Intel® Graphics Command Center should automatically download and install the Intel® Graphics Command Center from the Microsoft Store (Internet connection is required).
  • If the download is not possible or fails, it can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store at any time. For instructions see How to Install the Intel® Graphics Command Center.

Intel and Microsoft have worked together to make this transition as seamless as possible. As such, there shouldn't be any impact to your everyday experience.

Intel Graphics Controllers supported by DCH drivers

Intel® 6th Generation Core Processors or Newer Processors, Intel Core Ultra processors and Intel Arc Graphics Cards are supported by Windows DCH Drivers. If you want to know what generation your processor is, see How to Find the Generation of Intel® Core™ Processors.

Differences between Legacy (DC) and DCH DriversUnder Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform (UWP), we can see different driver models. In general terms, they fall under the following principles:
  • Declarative, Componentized (DC) driver: This means that the driver installs using only declarative INF directives and OEM-specific customizations to the driver are separate from the base driver package. The Intel® Graphics Control Panel is still bundled with the driver. DC drivers are also known as Legacy drivers.
  • Declarative, Componentized and Hardware Support Apps (DCH) driver: DCH drivers are packaged and installed differently than DC drivers. Unlike DC drivers, the Intel® Graphics Control Panel is no longer bundled with DCH driver packages. It must be downloaded and installed separately from the Microsoft Store. These drivers are designed to work with Windows® 10.
Do I have to get Windows® 10 or Windows 11* drivers from Windows Update now?

Intel recommends getting the graphics driver directly from your computer manufacturer. It's your OEM's responsibility to release a DCH driver to their own websites and to Windows Update.

However you can still download and install drivers from Download Center or using the Intel® Driver and Support Assistant (IDSA).

Windows DCH drivers technical detailsMore details about Windows DCH Drivers can be found directly from the Microsoft site and in the following article, Intel® Graphics Driver update needed to resolve display anomalies, October 2019.
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