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This article provides you with links to useful information during the integration and setup of a hardware Intel® RAID / Intel® Storage Controller.

Category Article Link Notes
Compatible hardware and accessories Tested Hardware and Operating System (THOL) Intel only provides support for the Intel RAID and Storage products used with validated Intel® Server Products and hardware. Use the THOL to find compatible devices such as hard disk or SSD that has been validated for your setup/configuration.
Intel® RAID Battery and Intel® RAID Maintenance Free Backup Unit (RMFBU) Compatibility List  Find the compatible RMFBU for your full featured Intel® RAID Controller.
Configuration Guide for Intel® Server Board and Systems Use this guide to identify the correct cables you need when integrating the Intel® RAID Controller or Intel® Storage Controller into Intel® Server Board or systems.
Installation and system integration User Guides for Intel RAID and Storage Products The hardware user guide provides product overview, specifications, and hardware installation instructions.
Integration and Service Guide for Intel® Server Board and Systems This guide provides detailed information/instructions on how to disassemble, install, and replace components such as an Intel RAID Controller for Intel Server Board or systems.
Latest Firmware/Drivers for Intel RAID and Storage Products Your Intel® RAID or Storage product may not have the latest available firmware as shipped from the factory. It is highly recommended you download and use the latest versions to prevent problems during system integration and operation.
RAID setup and configuration Configuring your Intel® RAID Product in Pre-boot Environment on Intel® Server Boards and Systems Explains how to enter the RAID configuration utility in pre-boot (UEFI or legacy) environment.
Configuring Tri-Mode controllers for NVMe/SAS/SATA modes You may need to change the Profile setting for Tri-Mode controllers (RMSP3/RSP3 family) to detect the type of drives (NVMe/SAS/SATA) you are using.
How to install RAID driver during Windows* installation Depending on the Intel® RAID Controller and operating system (OS), you will need to install the RAID driver during OS installation.
How to install RAID driver during Linux* installation
Intel® RAID Web Console 3 (RWC3) installation guide A web-based application that performs monitoring, maintaining, troubleshooting, and configuration functions for select Intel RAID and Storage products.


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