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How to Update the BMC Firmware from the Web Console


OS Independent family


Steps to update the firmware for the Base Board Management module


Unable to update the Based Board management firmware M10JNP2SB

  1. Log into the BMC Web Console
  2. Navigate to the Maintenance menu and click on Firmware Update
  3. Select Select Firmware image and click on the file M10JNP2SB_8100.01.08.ima_enc.
  4. Click the green button Start Firmware Update  and wait for the Configuration screen to appear also select Preserve all Configuration. This will preserve all the configuration settings during the firmware update.
  5. Click the green button Proceed to flash then click Ok on the pop-up prompt.
  6. Wait until the Processing screen disappears. When the BMC image is correctly uploaded, it will show Uploading 100%.
  7. The following message should appear on screen: The firmware image has been verified. The uploaded image is a different version of the existing device firmware
  8. Click the green button Flash to Proceed and then click Ok on the pop. The progress of installation will appear in a green bar
  9. Once installation is complete, Firmware reset has been called will appear. Close the current session and open a new session after a couple of minutes and the prompt will appear. Click Ok.
  10. The system will automatically reboot, disconnecting you from the BMC Web Console
  11. After a couple of minutes, login to the BMC Web Console and find the BMC version in the top left under the Firmware Information tab. All HDDs and SSDs should be listed in the BIOS setup menu/OPROM.op-up prompt

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