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Link Is Missing in Referral Email in Order to Apply for a Job at Intel® Corporation


How to apply for a position referred to by an Intel employee


Received a referral email without the link to apply for a job position.


Referral emails are a result of an Intel employee's recommendation of a specific candidate.

If there is no referral link in the communication the candidate should:

  • Reach out to the employee who made the referral for the job.
  • Ask the employee to check internal jobs portal to ensure the candidate´s name is listed properly.

Alternately, the candidate can apply directly by using the Job requisition number (JR) from the steps below,  and if called for an interview, can provide the employee referral information.

To search available jobs at Intel® go to our Jobs website, use the Basic search option.

  1. Search for a particular job category and/or location.
  2. Select a country under the Location field and a city within that country in the second drop-down box.
  3. Select the city.
  4. Use the checkboxes on the left, to include multiple job fields, job types, and locations.

For more information go to Employee referral program.

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