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How to Enable the TPM on an Intel® Server Board (Formerly Codenamed Purley)


Instructions to enable the Trusted Platform Module TPM/TPM2 on an Intel® Server Board (formerly codenamed Purley)


Unable to access the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) option in the BIOS.


Modify a CAP file using the Intel Integrator Toolkit for Intel® Server Systems

  1. Download the Intel® Integrator Toolkit V5.1.03 for Intel Server Systems and then install it.1
  2. Download the BIOS package for the respective board.
  3. Copy the R02010012_Production_ACM_TXT_BOOT.cap from the BIOS package into a work directory.
  4. Load the .cap file on ITK (Intel Integrator Toolkit):
    • Locate FTPM under the security section.
    • Change the User Default to enabled.
  5. Select Save As.

To install the modified file:

  1. Turn the server on.
  2. Log into the BMC Web console.
  3. Navigate into the configuration tab.
  4. Select BIOS/ME Firmware Update.
  5. Keep Firmware image type on BIOS
  6. Keep BIOS Region disabled.
  7. Select choose file to upload the modified cap.
  8. Reboot the system.
  9. Go to the BIOS, Under Security.
  10. Add a password and save it. The option to use the TPM2 should appear as available under the Security section.

1The Intel Integrator Toolkit for Intel® Server Systems is confidential information, and therefore it requires a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Contact Intel Customer Support if not able to access it.