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How to Decode the Intel® Server Board S2600STQR POST Error Beep Codes


Intel® Server Board S2600STQR Intel® Xeon® Gold 6230R Processor


Beeping error codes description


The Intel® Server Board can't boot and has a POST error code (3 short beeps) that indicates an error memory module.


  1. Search for the Technical Product Specification for the Intel® Server Board S2600ST Family.
  2. Analyze the POST Error Beep Codes section in the Intel® Server Board S2600ST Family- Technical Product Specification.
    BeepsError MessagePOST Progress CodeDescription
    1 shortUSB device action N/AShort beep sounded whenever USB device is discovered in POST, or inserted or removed during runtime.
    1 longIntel® TXT security violationAE, AFSystem halted because Intel® Trusted Execution Technology detected a potential violation of system security. 
    3 shortMemory error MultipleSystem halted because a fatal error related to the memory was detected.
    3 long and 1 shortCPU mismatch errorE5, E6System halted because a fatal error related to the CPU family/core/cache mismatch was detected.
    2 shortBIOS recovery startedN/ARecovery boot has been initiated.
    4 shortBIOS recovery failedN/ARecovery has failed. This typically happens so quickly after recovery is initiated that it sounds like a 2-4 beep code.

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