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Unable to Detect RAID Array with VMware* ESXi Using 4Kn SSD


Explains why VMware* ESXi cannot see the RAID array.

  • Virtual Drive with Intel® RAID Adapter RSP3WD080E was created using a Solid State Drive (SSD) with 4KB sector size.
  • VMware* could not detect the RAID Array.

ESXi* doesn't support 4Kn SSD. This is why RAID arrays created using 4Kn SSD will not be detected by the ESXi.

Workaround: Use SSD with 512 bytes sector size (512n or 512e) or hard disks for ESXi.


For more information:

  • Recent SSDs may have a sector size of 4096 bytes (4KiB), also known as the advanced format. Both the Intel® RAID Controller and the operating system must support this advanced format.
  • Some SSD vendors may provide ways to re-format a 4Kn drive to 512e. Contact your drive vendor for further information.
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