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Where Do I Download the Intel® Graphics Drivers for Intel® Xeon® Processors for Servers?


Intel® Xeon® Processors with integrated processor graphics Intel Xeon Processors for server platforms


Where to obtain Intel® Graphics Drivers for Intel® Xeon® Processors for Intel® Server Systems and motherboards


Unable to find the Intel® Graphics Drivers for Intel® Xeon® Processors for a Intel® Server System or motherboard


Contact your Intel® Server System or motherboard manufacturer to obtain graphics drivers for Intel® Xeon® Processors. 

Unlike client processors, Intel does not make generic graphic drivers available for Intel® Xeon® Processors for servers. Intel provides graphic drivers for Intel® Xeon® Processors only to server systems and motherboard manufacturers.

These manufacturers will determine which graphics drivers and operating systems they validate and support and will make validated graphics drivers available for download for their systems or motherboards. Some of these manufacturers may also customize the Intel graphics driver. Therefore, it is best to use drivers validated for the server system or motherboard.

If you have an Intel® Server Board or Intel® Server System, obtain the latest graphics or video driver from the support website for your Intel® Server Board, Intel® single node server, Intel® multiple node server, or Intel® Data Center Blocks server system.

NoteIntel® Graphics Drivers will not be listed if the Intel® Server/Intel® Server Board/Intel® Server System supports Intel® Xeon® Processors that do not have integrated processor graphics.
Additional information

To check if an Intel processor has integrated processor graphics:

  1. Visit the Intel Product Specifications website.
  2. Search for a specific Intel® Xeon Processor (for example, by processor number, codename) or navigate to the Intel Xeon Processors by selecting Processors > Intel® Xeon® Processors >. Choose one of the Intel® Xeon® Processor families.
  3. View a processor's specification page or use the Compare feature to compare the specifications of multiple processors.
  4. Scroll down to the Processor Graphics section. If there is no Processor Graphics section or the Processor Graphics values are blank, the processor does not have integrated processor graphics.