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Tips for Using the Ethernet Management Port (EMP) Module on Intel® Server System S9200WK Family


Intel® Server System S9200WK Family


Details to take into consideration when using the EMP module

  1. Is there a recommended limit or hard limit on how many chassis can be included in the daisy chain?
  2. Do services like PXE boot operate normally when the chassis are daisy chained? (Meaning, are there any differences in IPMI when daisy chained versus directly connecting to an ethernet switch?)
  3. Would you expect any performance issues when daisy chained? For example, if we PXE booted 8 servers in a chain at the same time, would Intel expect the link to be bottlenecked (or potentially throughput limited)
  1. A total of 8 chassis can be daisy-chained.
  2. The EMP module does not have a PXE feature it is only a passthrough network port which means it only reroute communication to the BMC. The EMP module is mainly used for daisy-chaining as that is the main function. When the EMP module is used, there must not be any network cable to the Management network port.
  3. Do not use PXE on the EMP module, use PXE only in onboard NIC, neither management port, these ports are not intended to do PXE.
NoteFor more detailed information, please refer to Technical Product Specification for S9200WK
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