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Scale Options Are No Longer Available After Updating the Intel® Graphics Command Center


Intel Graphics Command Center build 1.100.2765.0 or newer, Windows® 10 64-bit

Windows® 10, 64-bit*


Information about why scale options are limited to 'Maintain Display Scaling' and 'Custom' in the Intel® Graphics Command Center.


After an update to the Intel® Graphics Command Center (build 1.100.2765.0) the following options no longer appear or are missing under the Scale dropdown menu:

  • Centered
  • Stretched
  • Maintain Aspect Ratio

Instead, only the following options appear:

  • Maintain Display Scaling
  • Custom

When using the Recommended Screen Resolution for the selected display, only Maintain Display Scaling will be visible. The Custom scaling option will also be available in order to correct overscan.

NoteCustom scaling is not available for Built-in Screens of Laptops.

The remaining scaling options (Centered, Stretched, and Maintain Aspect Ratio) will be revealed when a screen resolution different than the maximum supported resolution or recommended for the selected display is selected.

Previous to build 1.100.2765.0, switching to Centered, Stretched, and Maintain Aspect Ratio when using the Recommended Screen Resolution would not make valid changes to the display, hence the scaling options were removed when the Recommended Screen Resolution is set.

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