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How to Update the BMC Version via the BMC Force Update Jumper on the Intel® Server Board S1200SPOR


OS Independent family


How to update BMC when the regular firmware/BIOS did not update the BMC firmware


Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)

When getting into the section named System Management in the BIOS, an incorrect information is shown under the System Information option:

BMC Status: soft fail
BMC Firmware - 0.00.0


Please refer to the following information.

On the Technical Product Specification and Specification Update for Intel® Server Board S1200SP and Intel® Server System R1000SPO Families

Click on the section that says: "Technical Product Specification for Intel® Server Board S1200SP family (PDF)" it will open the PDF Intel® Server Board S1200SP Product Family Technical Product Specification

Go to the section named: "BMC Force Update Jumper (J4B1)" which show the description about how to update the BMC firmware, it is describe below:

The BMC Force Update jumper is used to put the BMC in Boot Recovery mode for a low-level update.

It is used when the BMC has become corrupted and is non-functional, requiring a new BMC image to be loaded on to the server board.

  1. Turn off the system and remove power cords.
  2. Move the BMC FRC UPDT Jumper from the default (pins 1 and 2) operating position to the Force Update position (pins 2 and 3).
  3. Re-attach system power cords.
  4. Power on the system.

    System Fans will boost and the BIOS Error Manager should report an 84F3 error code (Baseboard Management Controller in update mode).

  5. Boot to the EFI shell and update the BMC firmware using "fwupdatebmc.nsh" (system starts automatically the access to UEFI shell and begin the update process.)
  6. When update has successfully completed, power off system.
  7. Remove AC power cords.
  8. Move BMC FRC UPDT jumper back to the default position.
  9. Install AC power cords.
  10. Power on system.

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