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Intel® Evo™ Platform overview

Intel® Evo™ is a brand for the new platform released by Intel on September 2, 2020, and is designed to keep up with today’s fast-paced lifestyle. It refers to the platform-based designs that are powered by 11th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics. Intel® Evo™ is verified1 Real-World Performance to meet the second-edition specification and key experience indicators of Project Athena.

Processors supported for Intel® Evo™ Platform

11th Generation Intel® Core™  Mobile Processors (laptop processors). Some (not all) of i5 and i7 Mobile (laptop) Processors with Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics.

Operating systems (OS) support of Intel Evo Platform

Windows® 10 and Chrome OS*.

Recognize an Intel® Evo™ Laptop before buying one

The laptop with Intel® Evo™ is advertised by the seller. Look for the Intel® Evo™ sticker placed on the laptop. See an example below for a sticker with i7 and i5 placed on an Intel® Evo™ laptop.


i5 sticker i7 sticker Placement of sticker on laptop

Features for laptops with Intel® Evo™ Platform

More performance: 11th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors and Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics deliver 3x faster photo and video editing.

More connections: Nearly 3x faster Internet with built-in Intel® Wi-Fi 6 technology, versus standard Wi-Fi.

More flow:

  • It takes less than 1 second to wake up the laptop. It is a modern connected Standby and Lucid Sleep feature that implements fast wake with a simple lid-lift, push of a button, or quick fingerprint recognition.
  • 40% more responsive than a 2-year-old laptop.

More simplicity: Thunderbolt™ 4 provides 40Gb/s bandwidth for data and video through a single-cable connection.

More freedom:

  • Count on 9+ hours of battery life on FHD displays so you can work anywhere.2
  • The feature is specific to the FHD screens (Higher resolution screens consume more power and have a lower minimum bar).

More immersion:

  • Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics and razor-thin bezels make screen time more enjoyable.
  • Immersive displays consist of several factors, thinner bezels is one of them, but also the max brightness, the color depth, and the contrast ratio.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Intel® Evo™ Platform

The features listed below are available on selected devices. Contact OEM for more information on the availability of these features.

Wake-on-approach: A method for users to wake their laptop up from modern standby sleep and log in without physically interacting with the laptop.

Gazed-based dimming: Lower brightness when you're not looking at your screen.

Walk-away lock: After Intel® Evo™ laptop sees you walking away, it can know to lock for your privacy.

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1 Verified, measured, and tested against a premium specification and Key Experience Indicators as part of Intel's laptop innovation program Project Athena. Testing results as of August 2020, and do not guarantee individual laptop performance. Power and performance vary by use, configuration, and other factors. For more complete information about performance and benchmark results

2 Time taken to drain from 100% to critical battery level while performing typical workflows in a realistic environment. For more complete information about performance and benchmark results