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Does Intel® Graphics Support 10-Bit Color Depth?


Windows® 10 family


Integrated Graphics can support 10-bit color depth.

  • How to find out if your Intel® Graphics device supports a display with 10-bit color depth.
  • Display tagged as a 10-bit color depth in IGCC but integrated graphics can't support 10-bit color depth as visible in Windows advanced display option.

Intel Graphics supports 10-bit and 12-bit color depths (known as deep color). The current Intel Graphics Driver sets the color depth per the OS configuration by default. You can also manually set the color depth to 10 or 12 bit starting with Intel® Graphics Command Center version 1.100.3407.0 for native HDMI connections (if supported by the display).

You can also enable HDR (High Dynamic Range) and WCG (Wide Color Gamut) in the operating systems for higher color depths by going to Windows > Display settings > Windows HD Color. If the content you're trying to view is 10-bit, switch to Full Screen mode, and the driver will automatically switch to the higher color depth, given HDR and WCC are enabled. This is also true for most DirectX applications.

NoteThe operating system, application being viewed, and driver will automatically determine which is the best mode to display dynamically.

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