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Network Issues with Intel® Ethernet Controller I225-V


ASUS and Gigabyte motherboards that have Intel® Ethernet Controller I225-V LOM (Lan on the motherboard) installed


Recommendation to update Non-Volatile Memory (NVM)


There are a couple of possible issues:

  • Network connection drops when playing games. Also, network speed drops to half when the connection is dropped and then renewed.
  • Ethernet connection does not recognize that there is a cable plugged in without disabling and then re-enabling the connection. On startup, the computer says there is no plug in the Ethernet connection.

Update Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) and driver based on the process below:

  1. Boot to Windows*.

  2. Go to the download center of the motherboard manufacturer.

  3. Download the Intel® Gigabit Ethernet Driver latest driver.


    Inside the package, you will find the firmware update tool and instructions on how to use it; the update can also be included on the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) Original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Before installing the intel I225-V driver, ensure that Intel I225-V is updated to the latest provided by the OEM via the firmware update tool. After finishing the necessary firmware update, shut down and unplug the power cord, and then reboot the system normally. For more information, refer to the firmware update guide.

  4. Update the NVM to the latest version.

  5. Install the latest LAN driver.

  6. Turn off the power supply (AC).

  7. Wait for 30 seconds.

  8. Turn on the power supply and boot to Windows*.

  9. Go to Device Manager,

  10. Find the I225 Controller.

  11. Uninstall all existing drivers.

  12. Install LAN driver


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