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Compatibility Error Message for Intel® Optane™ Memory


Windows® 10, 64-bit*


Description of error messages and how to resolve the issue


One of the following Error Messages was received when attempting to enable acceleration with Intel® Optane™ memory: 

  • No Compatible Disk for Intel® Optane™ Memory
  • There are no valid disk pairs in your system
  • There are too many volumes in your system
  • Your system appears to be Intel® Optane™ memory ready, but no Intel® Optane™ memory modules were detected in your computer.
  • Your System Is Not Intel® Optane™ Memory Ready

The software cannot detect the presence of the Intel Optane memory hardware. This could be due to a configuration issue. Below are some steps to address the issue.

NoteBack up all data/files before proceeding with the guidance below.


  1. Verify the system is Intel Optane memory-ready with the proper BIOS support.  Check with the system vendor for more information.
  2. Check with the system vendor if the Intel Optane memory module is installed in the system.  Some systems may come with the software (the Intel Optane Memory and Storage Management application) installed as part of the OS, but not with the related hardware
    1. If not, the notifications can be disabled or the application can be uninstalled, see below
      • Disable notifications: Go to Start menu > Settings > System > Notifications and Actions . Select the Optane Memory application and toggle notifications Off.
      • Optional: Uninstall the Intel Optane Memory and Storage Management.
        • If there is no use for the Intel Optane Memory and Storage management, the application can be uninstalled.
        • Go to Start menu > Settings > Apps. Select the Optane application > Click Uninstall.
  3. Confirm the Intel Optane memory module is in the proper M.2 socket.  Some boards/systems may have multiple M.2 sockets, but only one that supports Intel Optane memory. Consult the vendor or user manual to make sure.
  4. Is remapping enabled for the M.2 socket being used? 
  5. Contact system vendor to make sure you have the latest Intel® RST drivers installed for your system.

Another reason could be that the module has been previously used in another volume, so it may need to be "cleaned".

Option 1: Through the application

  • In the application, click the Manage tab.
  • Click the Intel Optane memory module in the drive list.
  • Click the Clear Metadata selection if available,

Option 2: In the System BIOS

  • Enter the System BIOS upon boot.
  • Navigate to the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology menu.
  • Click the Intel Optane Memory module in the list.
  • Click the available option (text can vary depending on the vendor).
    • Reset Metadata
    • Convert to Non-RAID
    • Remove/delete RAID data
    • Reset to Non-Optane
Additional information

If the error persists or additional help is needed, contact support under Memory and Storage.