Input Voltage Ranges for Intel® NUC Products


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Intel® NUC families that include board-only SKUs are built to enable voltage ranges. Board-only SKUs don't ship with power adapters, so the purchaser must source their own. Because of this, the input voltage range has been expanded to allow for a variety of power adapters to work correctly. Ranged voltages (such as 12-24 VDC) belong to the Commercial sector, which include board-only SKUs.

Consumer-based Intel NUC families typically don't have board-only SKUs, so the input voltage is a single value only (like 19V).

See the Power Supply Connectors section of the Technical Product Specification for your Intel NUC model to find:

  • Voltage range and maximum current rating for the external power connector
  • Voltage range and pin-outs of the 4-pin onboard power connector