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How to Update BIOS/Firmware from the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)?


Intel® Server Systems Based on Intel® 62X Chipset


Explains how to update the basic Input/Output system from the Baseboard Management Controller.


How do I update BIOS from the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)?


This process is applicable to systems based on Intel® Server Systems Based on Intel® 62X Chipset

Follow the procedure below to update the BIOS from an Intel® Server from the BMC:

  1. Download the BIOS and Firmware Update Package for UEFI for the respective model of server from the Intel® Server BIOS Support Central.
  2. Complete the initial login in the BMC.
  3. Go to the Configuration tab. (Only for Intel® Server Board M50CYP, select CPLD Update, and load file pfr_cyp_627p4_v4p2_cfm1_auto_prd.bin, then reboot.)
  4. Select BMC Firmware Update, and load the following files:
    • For Intel® Server Board S2600ST and S2600BP Family, use the file Purley_xxx.bin.
    • For the Intel® Server Board S2600WF Product Family, use the Purley_2.88.6999d21a.bin file.
    • For Intel® Server Board M50CYP product family, use the BMC - CoyotePass-bmc_prod_signed_cap_xxx.bin file.
    • Click Upload.
    • After the BMC Firmware update has finished, the following message appears: Reboot BMC: Please wait while the BMC reboots to complete the update after a few seconds, it is required to enter into the BMC with the credentials.
  5. Select SDR Configuration:
    • In the New configuration file: select master.cfg.
    • In the New SDR file: select S2600WFT.sdr, S2600STB.sdr , S2600BP.sdr or M50CYP.sdr depending on the server board product family.
    • Click on Load and then Parse, when it is done the following will be displayed: Updated Successfully then, click OK.
  6. Select BIOS / ME Firmware Update and upload the following files. The system should be restarted upon each image update as the wizard mentioned in the display with the message: Save to storage: Done. Please Restart System.
  • Important: Select the checkbox of Backup shown in the option named BIOS Region while updating the BIOS.
  • For Intel® Server Board M50CYP, use the following file:
    • BIOS Image: R0101000X_CoyotePass_LBG_ICX_prd.bin
  • For Intel® Server Board S2600WF and S2600BP, use the following files:
    • BIOS Image: R02010015_Production_ACM_TXT_BOOT.signed.cap
    • ME Image: R02010015_Production_ACM_TXT_ME.signed.cap
    • FD Image: R02010015_Production_ACM_TXT_FD.signed.cap
  • For Intel® Server Board S2600ST, use the following files:
    • BIOS Image: R0xxx_Production_ACM_TXT_BOOT.signed
    • ME Image: R0yyy_Production_ACM_TXT_ME.signed
    • FD Image: R0zzz_Production_ACM_TXT_FD.signed

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If you need more information, review the BIOS/ME (Management Engine) Firmware Update section in the User Guide for Intel® Remote Management Module 4 (Intel® RMM4) and Integrated BMC on Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems Based on Intel® 62X Chipset.