Tested Operating Systems for the Intel® Server System S9200WK Product Family


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Tested operating systems for the Intel® Server System S9200WK Family. For additional information, refer to the Configuration Guide for this product.

Linux* Operating System Type of Testing
Red Hat RHEL* 8.0 Compatibility and Stress
Red Hat RHEL* 7.6 Basic installation and compatibility
SUSE SLES* 15 Compatibility and Stress
SUSE SLES* 12 SP4 Basic installation and compatibility
Ubuntu* 18.04.1 Basic installation and compatibility
CentOS* 8 Basic installation

Any operating system not included in the list above isn't supported.

Definitions for the types of testing:
Compatibility and Stress: Intel supports you for issues involving installation or functionality of the Intel® Server Board for the operating systems listed above, regardless if adapters and peripherals were tested under the operating system.
Basic installation and compatibility: Intel provides support and tests the following operating system drivers for each of the Intel® Server Board integrated controllers, when the controller vendor provides a driver on request.
Basic installation: Intel doesn't provide any technical support to the open-source operating systems listed above. If you encounter any technical problem or difficulty in installation or usage of any software above, seek support from the corresponding open source operating system community.

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