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How to Restore Default Settings Using the BIOS Default Jumper




How to revert to default settings for Intel® Server Board S2600BP on Intel® Server Chassis H2224XXLR3


System is unable to be accessed via Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI).


Address this by resetting the BIOS Default Jumper (J4B4), which is located on Intel® Server Board S2600BP behind the rear USB ports and it is labeled as (J4B4).

Follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the compute module (The node should be without power coming from the power distribution board).
  2. Remove the air duct.
  3. Move the jumper from pins 1-2 to pins 2-3 momentarily (Wait at least 5 seconds). It is not necessary to leave the jumper in place while rebooting.
  4. Restore the jumper from pins 2-3 to the normal setting of pins 1-2.
  5. Install the air duct and plug in the compute module, and power up.
  6. Boot the system into Setup. Check the Error Manager tab, and you should see POST Error Codes:
    • 0012 System RTC date/time not set
    • 5220 BIOS Settings reset to default settings
  7. Go to the Setup Main tab, and set the System Date and System Time to the correct current settings.
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