What Is the Country of Origin (COO) of an Intel® Xeon® Processor?


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Intel has fab and assembly/test facilities around the world. For more details, check Global Manufacturing at Intel.

Use one of the following options to determine the Country of Origin (COO) of where your specific Intel® Xeon® Processor was manufactured, assembled, or produced:

Option 1
With older processors, the COO is marked on the top of the processor itself. For example:
Country of Origin

Option 2
Look for the Made in information on the label of the product's box. For example:

Made in mark

Option 3
Request the COO by emailing the following information to COO-Customs-Request@intel.com:

  • Detailed request 
  • Intel Product Identifying Information (provide as much detail as possible):
    • Processor name and number 
    • MM# 
    • Ordering Code
    • Batch number (also referred to as FPO; required if MM # is not provided)
  • Country where Requestor is located
  • Country where Product was or will be imported if different than above
  • Approximate date of purchase

For additional help on gathering the above information:

  • MM# is short for Master Material #. There are different ways to get this #.
    • Check the product's packaging label. 
    • Check the Intel ARK website using these steps:
      1. Go to the Product Specifications page.
      2. Search for the processor and open its Product Specifications page.
      3. Click Ordering and Compliance on the left side of the page.
      4. Scroll down to the PCN/MDDS Information section. In this section, the MM# in a 6-digit digital alphanumeric format will be listed. If more than one MM # is listed, the earlier number is generally for Tray while the later is the Boxed version. Otherwise, use one of the other options to look up the COO.
  • Ordering Code: This is the Intel Product Code. Check the product's packaging label or your receipt/invoice.
  • Batch number: This may also be referred to as FPO or Finished Process Order. There are different ways to get this #:
    • Check the product's packaging label for the Batch #.
    • Check the top of the processor. for an 8-digit alphanumeric string.
    • This number is required if MM # is not provided.
  • For help in checking processor markings, see How to Identify My Intel® Xeon® Processor Markings for Warranty Requests.