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What Happens When the Trial Period of Intel® Virtual RAID on CPU (Intel® VROC) for Windows* Ends?


Behavior of the Intel® VROC software for Windows* when the trial period ends


Question about what happens when the trial period ends for Intel® VROC.


The Intel® VROC package comes with a 90-day trial period that will enable Intel® VROC Premium mode (in Windows* only) for data volumes without requiring an Intel® VROC upgrade key. This allows the user to test and experience the Intel® VROC Premium mode for 90 days. The trial period begins when the first Intel® VROC RAID volume is created.

After 90 days, the trial period will expire and be displayed in the Intel® VROC GUI. After the end of the trial period, any RAID volume generated will be displayed in the Intel® VROC GUI but will not be accessible.

Once the Intel® VROC upgrade key is installed in the platform (either during or after the trial period expires), the environment will become operational, and all RAID volumes will be accessible as normal.

Additional information

As a general computer management recommendation, it is good to have a backup of the data from the RAID volumes.