Multi-Device Plugin with the Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2


Install & Setup



The OpenVINO™ Toolkit 2019 R2 introduces a Multi-Device Plugin that automatically assigns inference requests to available devices in order to execute the requests in parallel.

  1. Build the C++ samples by running the (Linux) or build_samples_msvc.bat (Windows) found in the <OpenVINO_INSTALL_DIR>/inference_engine/samples/ directory.
  2. Use the hello_query_device sample application to discover available Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2 (Intel® NCS 2) devices,.

    Linux: ./hello_query_device

    Windows: hello_query_device.exe

    The hello_query_device sample will output the names of available devices and additional information about the device. For the purpose of this article, we are only interested in the device name.

    Available devices:

    Device: CPU


    Device: MYRIAD.1.1.2-ma2480


    Device: MYRIAD.1.1.4-ma2480


  3. Use the benchmark_app to test and configure the Multi-Device Plugin with the discovered Intel® NCS 2 devices. Note that the devices are separated by a comma without any spaces.

    Linux: ./benchmark_app -d MULTI:MYRIAD.1.1.2-ma2480,MYRIAD.1.1.4-ma2480

    Windows: benchmark_app.exe-d MULTI:MYRIAD.1.1.2-ma2480,MYRIAD.1.1.4-ma2480

Additional information about the Multi-Device Plugin can be found in the OpenVINO Toolkit documentation.