Install Microsoft Visual Studio* 2019 for OpenVINO™ Toolkit


Install & Setup



Microsoft Visual Studio* with C++ and MSBuild

Microsoft Visual Studio with Visual Studio C++ is required for building the OpenVINO™ Toolkit source from GitHub* (opensource). A free community version of Microsoft Visual Studio is available for this purpose.

The steps below apply to Microsoft Visual Studio* 2019 setup for OpenVINO™ Toolkit.

Important CMake 3.14 is required if you want to use Microsoft Visual Studio* 2019.
  1. Go to the Visual Studio downloads page.
  2. Click Free Download in the Visual Studio 2019 box, Community section:

    Visual studio 2019 community download page

    An executable file named vs_community__346855454.1566244733__rid.30012.exe, or similar, is saved in your Downloads folder.

  3. Double-click the executable file to launch the Visual Studio Community 2019 installer.
  4. From the Workloads tab, use the check boxes to select Universal Windows Platform development and Desktop development with C++.

    Workloads selection

  5. Under the Individual components tab, select MSBuild. Don't make any other changes:


  6. Click Install. The installation takes around 30 minutes to complete.
  7. When the installation completes, restart your computer if prompted to do so.

This completes the Visual Studio* 2019 installation for OpenVINO™ toolkit usage.