TA-1146: Intel® OFU and Syscfg Utilities Report Error Message when Running on Linux* OS with the Kernel Setting iomem=strict





An Intel® ME configuration file parsing error is reported when using the Intel® OFU utility to update the SFUP on Linux* OS with a kernel setting of iomem=strict.

The error message is displayed to the console when running the syscfg -i command on Linux OS with a kernel setting of iomem=strict.

On Linux OS kernel 4.5 and above, the memory mapped IO (MMIO) access is set to strict mode (iomem=strict) by default, preventing access to the MMIO memory of the device from a utility, such as Intel® OFU or Syscfg utility.

Refer to the PDF for more details on root cause and workaround.

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Invocation of the ipmitool from the remote system requires extra parameters to connect to Intel® Server Systems that have BMC firmware v1.90 or later installed.

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Date: August 2020

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