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System Status LED state is Flashing Amber in the Front Panel


Intel® Server System R2224WFTZS


What could be causing the System Status LED flashing amber light on an Intel® Server System R2224WFTZS


Intel® Server Board S2600WFT-based system's System Status LED shows a flashing amber light in the front panel.

  1. Refer to Technical Product Specification for Intel® Server Board S2600WF Family.
  2. Go to the System Status LED section, and then Table 56, which describes the state of the System Status LED.

    1 Hz blinking amber means it is a Warning alarm – system is likely to fail:

    1. Critical threshold crossed – Voltage, temperature (including HSBP temp), input power to power supply, output current for main power rail from power supply, and PROCHOT (Therm Ctrl) sensors.
    2. VRD Hot asserted.
    3. Minimum number of fans to cool the system not present or failed.
    4. Power Unit Redundancy sensor – Insufficient resources offset (indicates not enough power supplies present).
  3. Extract the System Event Log (SEL) by accessing the Integrated Baseboard Management Controller (Integrated BMC) Web Console. Generate the SEL logs from within the Server Health->Event Log->Save Event Log section.
  4. Analyze the System Event Log for possible errors, such as warning or critical events.

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