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My Server with Intel® Server Board S1200SP has No Output Video Signal/No Post


Installation of the new server with Intel® Server Board S1200SPL motherboard.


I have a new server with the Intel® Server Board S1200SP motherboard, but I don't have the video output signal/no post.

  1. I tried with a different video card, with a processor with integrated graphics but without a result.
  2. I tried with a different monitor and cable.
  3. I tried BIOS recovery, (Complementary metal–Oxide–Semiconductor) CMOS reset, but nothing is working.
  4. The motherboard seems like it has no post and diagnostic LEDs displayed an error pattern that I can't identify.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Make sure that you connect the fan to the CPU (central processing unit) fan Header and the System Fan 4 Header on the motherboard (at least, for the first use).
  2. Find their location on this paper, in the Reference section.
  3. Most importantly, ensure the memory is ECC, unbuffered.

After the server has started, check if the BIOS version is the latest. 

  1. If not, update the BIOS.
  2. Check the latest BIOS Release Notes for further instructions/information.
Additional information

The basic input output system (BIOS) needs to read the mandatory fans' presence (CPU and the chassis fan). Find assembly instructions for the motherboard in the Quick Start User's Guide for Intel® Server Board S1200SP Product Family.

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