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Intel® RAID Controller RS3DC080 Suddenly Fails Due to High Temperatures


Intel® RAID Controller RS3DC080 Compatible Intel® Server Boards/Intel® Server Systems

OS Independent family


Explains why RAID array may fail if the controller is over-heated and gives troubleshooting steps for the issue.


RAID array suddenly fails and/or drives randomly drop out the array, as foreign with one or more of the following symptoms:

  • RAID on Chip (ROC) reaches a 105° C temperature or above.
  • The card would beep.
  • The Intel® RAID controller may indicate it would be running in low performance mode.

The issue could be encountered when the temperature of Intel® RAID Controller RS3DC080 exceeds its operating temperature.

Follow the next troubleshooting steps:

  1. Ensure that air baffle is installed in the system.
  2. Update the RAID Firmware to the latest version.
  3. Set the following configuration in the system BIOS found in BIOS Setup Utility User Guide for the Intel® Server Board S2600 Family Supporting the Intel® Xeon Processor Scalable Family.
    1. During power on or system restart, press F2 to enter BIOS.
    2. Navigate to Advanced -> System Acoustic and Performance Configuration.
    3. Set Fan Profile to <Performance>
    4. Set Fan Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Offset to [30]
    5. Press F10 then press Y to Save Changes and Exit, the system will save the changes and reboot.
  4. See Intel® RAID Controllers Airflow Requirements.


For questions and clarifications, contact Intel Customer Support with the RAID log (see How to Extract the Full RAID Log for Intel® RAID Controllers) and system event logs for diagnostics.

Check the User Guide for Intel System Information Retrieval Utility (Sysinfo) for further instructions.

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