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Why Is the Intel® NUC Not Connecting to the Internet?


Intel® NUC



Troubleshooting guide to fixing internet connection issues on Intel® NUC.


The Intel® NUC connects to the local network, but there is no internet access. Other devices on the network have internet access.


To fix the issue, please follow the next steps:

  1. Update the Intel® Gigabit Ethernet Network Connection Driver (link to update method for Ethernet Driver) and the Intel® Wireless Technology–Based Driver. (link to update method for Wi-Fi Driver)
  2. Perform a Network device Reset.
    1. Right-click the Windows menu button, navigate to the Device manager.
    2. In the list of devices find and expand the Network Adapters section.
    3. If you are using an Ethernet connection - right-click the Intel® Ethernet Connector and choose Disable Device, wait for a couple of minutes and then enable the device.
    4. If you are using a Wireless connection - right-click the Intel® Wireless adapter and choose Disable Device, wait for a couple of minutes and then enable the device.
  3. Reboot your Access point device.
  4. Try connecting to a different network if possible to test your device.
  5. If the above steps don't solve the connection issue, contact Intel Customer Support.

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