Article ID: 000038536 Content Type: Troubleshooting Last Reviewed: 02/18/2022

Intel® NUC is Not Running as Intended


Windows® 10, 64-bit*


Steps to perform when the NUC is slow or not running as expected.


The machine not running as intended, moves very sluggishly. Software is responding very slowly.


Basic troubleshooting tips to improve performance:

  1. Check for the latest Windows updates.
  2. Install the latest drivers.
  3. Revert BIOS to default values:
    1. Press F2 during boot to enter BIOS Setup.
    2. Press F9 to set defaults.
    3. Press F10 to save and exit BIOS.
  4. Ensure RAM is compatible.
    1. Visit System Memory Information for specs
    2. Test RAM using test program like Memtest86+*
  5. Upgrade BIOS using BIOS Update Instructions for Intel® NUC.
  6. Test the Intel® NUC's processor using Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool.
    • The purpose of the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool is to verify the functionality of an Intel® microprocessor. The diagnostic tool checks for brand identification, verifies the processor operating frequency, tests specific processor features, and performs a stress test on the processor.
  7. Check for Hard drive errors:
    1. Contact the hard drive manufacturer for instructions
    2. Update HD/SSD firmware from manufacture's website​
  8.  Revert Operating System to previous restore point using Refresh/Reset/Restore option in Windows*.
    1. Visit How to refresh, reset, or restore your PC from Microsoft