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How Can I Create a RAID 10 with an External Intel® RAID Controller?


Intel® RAID Adapter RSP3DD080F Intel® RAID Adapter RSP3WD080E

Windows Server 2016*, OS Independent family


Description about how to create a RAID 10 using the Intel® RAID Adapter RSP3DD080F / Intel® RAID Adapter RSP3WD080E


When trying to create a RAID 10 and when the option Saves Changes is selected in the system BIOS, nothing is there, RAID 10 does not appear at all, it is not created, the system BIOS detects the five Hard Disk Drives (HDD).


Please follow the next steps to create a RAID 10:

    1. Power on system.
    2. Press F2 when prompted to enter BIOS menu.
    3. Navigate to Advanced -> PCI Configuration -> UEFI Option ROM control -> Storage controller
    4. Select Create RAID
    5. Select RAID level and set the RAID 10
    6. Select Span(s) (two spans are needed; therefore, Span1 and Span2)
    7. Select Drives Option for each span, (mark two drives per Span)
    8. Once both spans have been set, Select Save Configuration at the bottom of the menu.
    9. Now, RAID 10 array should be displayed
    10. Press Escape or F10 then press Y to Exit Without Saving Changes or Save Changes and Exit, the system will exit from BIOS and reboot or save the changes and reboot respectively.

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