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What Are the System Status LED Indicators?


Intel® Server System H2000JF Family Intel® Server System S1200V3RP


System Status LED operation table includes information such as color, state, and description.


System status LED (Light-Emitting Diode) information 


The following table was taken from the System Status LED section in the Intel® Server System H2000JF Family Technical Product Specification:

OffN/ANot readyPower off on BMC initialization completes if no degraded, non-critical, critical, or non-recoverable conditions exist after power cable plug-in.
Green /AmberBoth Solid OnNot readyPre DC Power On – 15-20 second BMC Initialization when AC is applied to the server. The system will not POST until BMC initialization completes.
GreenSolid OnOkSystem ready.
GreenBlinkDegradedBIOS detected:
  1. Unable to use all of the installed memory (more than one DIMM installed).1
  2. In a mirrored configuration, when memory mirroring takes place and system loses memory redundancy. This is not covered by.2
  3.  PCI express correctable link errors.
Integrated BMC detected:
  1. One of redundant power supplies not present.
  2. CPU disabled – if there are two CPUs and one CPU is disabled.
  3. Fan alarm – Fan failure. Number of operation fans should be more than minimum number needed to cool the system.
  4. Non-critical threshold crossed – Temperature, voltage, power nozzle, power gauge, and PROCHOT2 (Therm Ctrl) sensors.
  5. Battery failure.
  6. Predictive failure when the system has redundant power supplies.
AmberBlinkNon-criticalNon-fatal alarm- System is likely to fail.
BIOS Detected:
  1. In non-mirroring mode, if the threshold of ten correctable errors is crossed within the window.1
  2. PCI express uncorrectable link errors.
Integrated BMC Detected:
  1. Critical threshold crossed – Voltage, temperature, power nozzle, power gauge, and PROCHOT (Therm Ctrl) sensors.
  2. VRD Hot asserted.
  3. One of the redundant power supplies failed.
  4. Minimum number of fans to cool the system, are not present or have failed.
AmberSolid onCritical, non-recoverableFatal alarm – System has failed or shut down.
BIOS Detected:
  1. DIMM failure when there is one DIMM present and no good memory is present.1
  2. Run-time memory uncorrectable error in non-redundant mode.1
  3. CPU configuration error (for instance, processor stepping mismatch).
Integrated BMC Detected:
  1. CPU CATERR signal asserted.
  2. CPU 1 is missing.
  4. System cooling fan failure.
  5. No power good – Redundant power fault.
  • Power Unit Redundancy sensor – Insufficient resources offset (indicates not enough power supplies are present)


For Post Led Activity Information related to Intel Server Board S1200V3RP, refer to Appendix C in the Intel Server Board 1200RP TPS.



1 The BIOS detects these conditions and sends a Set Fault Indication command to the Integrated BMC to provide the contribution to the system status LED. 

2 Blink rate is ~ 1Hz at 50% duty cycle. 

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